Heartfelt hospitality

We make honeymoon even more memorable width Japanese traditional Shinto wedding ceremony.

It is a wedding plan that a wedding ceremony company and a travel specialized wedding producer company collaborated.

-Shrine wedding specialist company-

It is a bridal salon pursuing Japanese traditional beauty. Please leave it at ease.

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- travel specialized wedding producer company -

Our policy is to produce a more attractive of the area in JAPAN as a wedding during your traveling.

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Best Package

We will produce with all the flow of wedding ceremony such asmakeup, wigs attachment, dressing up and returning, with trulyelegance and peace of mind that the couple's important dayscan be welcomed in Japan.

¥900,000 tax included

Traditional Japanese bridal dress

You can choose any costume you like.

Japanese hair wig

The wig at the time of wedding is a Japanese hair style calledBunkin Takashimada, a hair style with a mastery of the samuraifamily.
* In advance, the size of the wig (3 days before weddingceremony, if you can not come to the store, the size of thehead and the length of the hair) Height, waistline, whole bodyphotograph, are required.

  • Wig attachment
  • Make up
  • Dressing up
Modern style heir is also possible


Monpuku -formal style -Groom-

Kimohabutae-montsuki, Sendaihirahakama is groom kimono setthat is the best kimono called the first ceremonial dress.


Go to a shrine and back is by jinricksha with a Kiyari song music.

Hair makeup after the end.

Take off the bride's costume and return the hair makeup to normal condition.


An experienced photographer of bridal photography will shoot a moment of excitement as two special memories of the shrine wedding ceremony wrapped in traditional Japanese beauty that will never fade forever.

Shrine Recommended

You can choose from a shrine in the popular area of Tokyo sightseeing spots.

ASAKUSA shrine

he Asakusa area full of Edo style. The Tokyo Sky Tree risesover the other side across the Sumida River and is a populararea where you can experience humanity and tradition. We willmake the best of your time with your Japanese weddingceremony for a lifetime by Japanese hospitality.

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International Area Minato-ku. In contrast to the modern citywhere skyscrapers stand, it is a Shiba Big Shrine that feelssilent appearance. The Tokyo tower of the symbol of Tokyooverlooked, We will produce your traditional Japanese weddingwith the oath of eternal love.

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We think that there are things to worry about doing importantwedding ceremonies in foreign countries. Our professional staffwill answer your questions carefully. Please contact us foranything.