Questions about before the wedding ceremony

How long do you need to consult with us?

I'd like to thank you over a month ago.

How many times must I contact you?

It is necessary to exchange with at least 5 times by e-mail.

Is there anything you need?

There is none.

How do you assist me moving from hotel?

Please tell us your hotel in advance.If it is a certain distance within the 23 wards of Tokyo,it is included in the package fee.
In case of a distance exceeding that, we will consult additional costs and transportation methods by e-mail in advance.

When do you need to pay for?

Please pay from PAYPAL 3 weeks in advance.

Question about wedding day

How long will it take to finish all the wedding packages?

It is about 4 hours.

When you are finished, can you continue sightseeing around?

Yes, you can go out sightseeing with the original outfit after the wedding ceremony.

Can I have photos taken with data?

Yes, it will be handed in raw data without processing.